One month after a ransomware attack crippled Colonial Pipeline’s East Coast fuel distribution, another massive attack — likely perpetrated by the same or a related entity — hit North American meat supplier JBS. The attack halted meat distribution abilities, backlogging the supply chain, and driving up meat prices.

When it…

By now, blockchain technology has hit a critical velocity capable of propelling it into boardroom conversations. Business leaders want to know how blockchain will impact their business and when. To understand the potential of blockchain in your business, we have to look at both the industry and the departmental levels.

By Ian Psaras

In recent months cryptocurrency has become a cultural craze that has gained the attention of retail investors, Wall Street, and even Worldwide governments. I believe there are three main factors one must consider when assessing crypto’s efficacy as the future of payments.

Lack of adoption

Although it…

By Staff

The trend linking ransomware with identity security has accelerated in recent years. In fact, 60–80% of all security incidents are identity related, according to Paul de Graaf, Senior Identity Strategist with SailPoint. Frustratingly, most of these incidents were preventable.

Why identity theft is rampant

Cybersecurity is frequently antithetical…


Zero-failure, ransomware proof data applications that ensure perfect data integrity through blockchain protocols.

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